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date:2014-09-02 23:57:26

Site as a new website has just begun to propaganda, all current advertising free, but the site pursuit of green, the future is only a small amount of advertising will not provide production block of text, line of sight advertising tips. 
All companies settled on this site are free, instantly have a free website, personal website, Club website, can contact the site technical placement company pictures, flags, etc., may also be appropriate landscaping or bind your own personalized domain URL. Such as local site co-workers have taken to provide on-site services such as website material, the appropriate charge is only about 50 yuan manual fee. 
Services currently offered three categories: production sites, construction sites classes, the depth of the promotion of cooperation. If an individual or business presentation business and deal with meager remuneration to express his appreciation, dividends can be found in the site to help make money, or detailed inquiry administrator. 
A personal, corporate website, a comprehensive website, forum, shop construction and production. The following prices in accordance with specific customer requirements and scale for about the price. 
1, the station beautification single page, single-page ad pages: about 100 yuan. Powered any one article, you can manually modify the information page personalized to suit different needs, to show the ultimate effect. 
2, showing the station simply type the site, may have their own top-level domain name, URL. 100--300 yuan. Examples: http: //twicw.com, how language can be. 
3, independent space display type sites, corporate sites. Members can have their own system, 300--1000 yuan instance: http: //dmsh.jkl.hk, how language can be. 
4, the size of the forum, 300--2000 yuan. 
5, the station shop, companies can access the micro-channel. 0--2000 yuan, (such as in-depth cooperation is free). Examples PC version: http: //18.co.jkl.hk Mobile: http: //18.co.jkl.hk 
6, shop independent space 500--2000 yuan, demonstration sites unused, in Jane, Chinese Traditional, English, Vietnamese clothing shop: http: //fa.jkl.hk 
7, a similar site has a comprehensive, large sites subordinates site, 3000--10000 yuan. 
8, the cost of maintaining the space station 10--100 per year. 
9, micro-channel marketing micro stations, telephone or micro-channel ordering the website. 1000-5000 yuan. 
The site will remain a low-cost operation, cheap in one step, with individual stations do cost comparison, the cost can be compared with other countries. Want to give customers a unique experience is inexpensive. 
Second, (in preparation) Personal learn the system from scratch in a short time to do website, blog, shop, forums and so on. Upon graduation can produce their own personal or business website, your own SEO, website promotion maintenance, network operators can no longer ignore the black heart of supercilious up! 
1, the primary site building classes 100 yuan / one type; four types of 300 yuan. Includes computer-based, web-based, web html code, photo processing, domain URL selection, server space, a web application framework and page design, implement, modify, SEO, marketing, maintenance, backup. 
2, intermediate website building classes 200 yuan, learn php language database in the primary classes, based on the depth of the secondary development of the site of the program. 
3, senior construction site classes 100 yuan. Two classes based on previous learning server technology, buy their own, build server production environment. 
Powered classes prices are low because the site needs to find good talent from which to cooperate. In the form of self-made ​​courseware materials, such as QQ IM is not ready to ask questions to learn, does not guarantee can learn to help students complete the works considered one of the websites to reach a teaching task. Not rumor data, so it is necessary authentication. 
Third, the integrity of the site and legitimate businesses around the world can be in-depth cooperation. Such as consignment, mutual promotion, resource reciprocity, etc., you can contact Webmaster: Billy E-mail: a@jkl.hk QQ: 2066922

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