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date:2014-09-03 00:52:52

Site members just propaganda site, or publish all kinds of information you can get profit sharing site, and the form of cash through channels such as Internet banking, in return for membership support. For this simple ad hoc site operation mechanism of action for members to make money, natural and automatic, full without spending a penny: 
1, the site published on local news, attractions, businesses or various articles classified information can, articles or information pages automatically record membership information, if the non-member users from Baidu, Google and other search engines to find members released into my page station, and register as a member or to generate business through Taobao mall billboards purchase items, the program automatically recorded in your name, this site Taobao and other businesses receive dividends before dividends to members. 
2, even if you do not write articles, you can use any one page site, added at the rear of its website:? City = your user ID. As Saigon sub-station site: http: //hcm.hicity.net/ city = 3 by any method of communication, so that non-member users click with your membership code URLs into my station and register as a member, new members? recorded as fruits of your labor, and supports three levels of membership sales levels. 
Because dividends to members could affect the price too high, the price is too high it will affect product acceptance and business turnover rate, so the product is still the site of the interests of customers as the most important, provide only reasonable low proportion of bonus membership , to maintain a high price advantage, making businesses puerile, members add up, consumer customers get affordable, promote win-win situation! 
All Member Registration is free, so that this is not an illegal pyramid scheme, nor is direct marketing, online and offline is when I stand as a business organization's combined sales promotion channels, and to all levels of staff of sales and marketing channels to allot bonus this online venture entity is under more normal behavior, but in rare cases as a website dividends, while the site in return for members only, but also for their own means of this initiative can be taken in order to develop the strength members , only for win-win cooperation! 
Specific circumstances may consult the site administrator.

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