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date:2014-09-03 09:29:14

Powered operational mode is the headquarters responsible for the site's server, domain names, procedures, planning, organization, membership services, data backup, SEO. Simultaneously to various cities around the world, the county is responsible for operating the local residents of local long sub-station, sub-station operators roughly divided into adding information, contact the business, organizational activities, welcome companies, individuals to join, co-workers we need is as follows (all free to join, and give profit sharing): 
1, sub-station: 
Unified management of a city, with overall responsibility and control. Long as typing post, there are basically capable operational capacity points webmaster, Terminus practice win-win cooperation, all for points stood want to reduce the burden of mental sub-station, pro rata to give points webmaster profits. To communicate with the station, will be Chinese preferred, Chinese priority. 
2, industry executives: 
All sectors of industry resources off or people responsible for local industry executives familiar and docking. 
3, there are: 
It is the ancient word in Chinese, also known in the monarch, in Yin, in slaughter, in Yuji, is a mile-long Chinese Warring States, the Tang Dynasty, he is called, was renamed in the Ming Dynasty long (the equivalent of a long-Republic , now Taiwan still use miles long. new China production after land reform captain, now head of the village), the city is the Area leader. Require much spare time, you can direct docking Area inside the tube member businesses and websites. 
Specific matters, please contact Total provisions Webmaster: Billy, E-mail:. A@jkl.hk QQ: 2066922 Phone: +8613687888951.

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